Geneva Cullen
Geneva Cullen
The First Hybrid
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth Unknown
Perpetual age 17
Gender Female
Family Aro (father)

Carlisle Cullen (adoptive father)

Esme (adoptive mother)

Edward Cullen (adoptive brother)

Bella Cullen (adoptive sister)

Renesmee Cullen (adoptive niece)

Emmett Cullen (adoptive brother)

Rosalie Hale (adoptive sister)

Jasper Hale (adoptive brother)

Alice Cullen (adoptive sister)

Mate Alexei (deceased)
Status Alive
Eye Color Blue (chronologically)

Red (as-of-now)

Hair Color Black
Height 5'4
Affiliation Cullen coven
Ability To project illusional death
Species Vampire death
Home Forks, Washington D.C.
Appearances What You'd Call Love
"Don't dare say I'm a heartless monster. It's useless coming from the mouth of a man  who helped train newborns to kill millions of humans for the affection of a vampire." — Geneva, hissing at Jasper's remark

Geneva Cullen /Jen-e-va/ is a vampire who joined the Cullens after Renesmee's birth. Her age is unknown, although it is well over 1000 years.

Background InformationEdit

Early LifeEdit

Geneva was born to a vampire-seduced-mortal who died birthing her and Aro, who thought was okay since the woman might not survive the sleeping. She was adopted by the neighboring vampire coven who were on good terms with her late mother. Note: Her last name was never evident.

After 7 years, she was finally mature enough to see the world, and because of her beauty and naïvity, she won the hearts of seventeen-year old boys, causing the townsfolk to believe she is some kind of witch.

One day, when a boy tried to woo her and failed, he raped her. Once he was successful, her bitter pain for it caused her to develop her ability, and killed the said-boy.

Years after, she grew bitter and mean to the point that she begun to defy the vampire coven who took her in and grew reckless in trying to control her thirst, resulting to a huge mass of massacre, therefore putting herself and the vampire coven at risk, as well as developing her newfound abilities.

The townsfolk begun to question the origins of Geneva because of the misfortune that happens to the people who mistreated her often was traced back to her. And, once, when a boy tried to woo her, she killed him in cold blood in front of thousands.

Once deemed a witch, she was trialed to die by a burning stake. Her ability was finally mastered and killed everyone in the process of no more than a minute. She escaped before the Volturi could find her.

Once, she met up with a Black shapeshifter vampire-hybrid who bit her, adding the shapeshifting in her abilities.

Centuries later, in early 1600s, she met Alexei, a Russian vampire, and became her mate, and both spent the rest of the centuries  defying his law.

Once, in 1984, Alexei had bitten a dying 7-year old girl, and to support his decision, tried very well to conceal the child, even though she knew it wasn't right.

After having fought with Alexei over the little girl, they seperated ways, leaving her mate and the child behind.

By 2006, before Renesmee's birth, Geneva was caught and taken by the Volturi guard to testify on Alexei's defiance. Although desperate to save him and the child, she realized that Alexei was betrayed by the human he was sleeping with at the time.

Heartbroken, she made no attempts to defend Alexei, thus, his execution went. And, much to her horror, with the child.

Ever since then, she has been crisscrossing around the world, searching for a new mate and landed in the woods of Forks, Washington, half-dead after being mauled by a bear she could have killed, and saved by Renesmee and Jacob.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Geneva was a beautiful raven-haired girl. She used to have stunning blue eyes that now changed over the years as permanent red, no matter how long she would drink animal blood.

Her eyebrows looks as though she questions everything around her. She has a heartshape face and stands 5'4 tall.

When she uses her wolf form after being bitten, she would grow her fangs longer to the average werewolf teeth and her nails would grow sharper.

Personality TraitsEdit

A head-on girl, she is bitter and often has trouble letting anyone in her life. She's sarcastic and doesn't listen to anyone unless they have very good reasons. She can detect lies even though it isn't her ability, so she trusts a person who is worth her time.

In truth, she is a girl with a heart of gold that's hidden in a mask  of stone.


"Carlisle, don't you know how famous your coven has been? With your number of extraordinary powers and yet you have never abused the civilization, it made me decide you will be the best man to lead this black sheep." — Geneva begging Carlisle to take her into his coven

One of her two abilities is having the abilities of a shape-shifting wolf.

The other is one of the most prized powers of all.

Her ability is to project the illusion of your most fearful way of death to your mind and other involved organs, killing you from inside. This can be performed to several people at once, and when she hits her fist to the ground, it will send shockwaves to anyone within the area, innocent or not.

Her ability would often spark up and be used against a psychic vampire. So if to say that if Edward tried to read her mind, he would most likely feel being beheaded by Aro. Or if Alec will try to cut off her senses, he will feel the illusion of being burned at a stake.

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